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Remote monitoring services

CAV ICU provide Remote monitoring (Tele ICU) services to ICUs in India and overseas. The services include

  • Providing expert opinion to physicians, bedside staff and patients when needed. We monitor patients in the ICU and provide expert advice for management of critically ill patients including initiation of mechanical ventilation or non- invasive ventilation, hemodynamic monitoring support, management of difficult to ventilate patients like ARDS and obstructive lung disease.

  • Monitoring of critically ill patients in the client hospital ICU.

  • Coordination with the primary treating physicians and the hospital - We believe that critical care is multidisciplinary team work and will coordinate all treatment plans with the primary treating physicians.

  • Implementation of evidence based guidelines and protocols.                                                                                                         Our team strongly believes that care should be standardized in order for all patients to receive treatments based on strong scientific principles and international and national guidelines. We can help in implementing these protocols and guidelines in the client hospital. We can also track the data to ensure that our team and the hospital comply with evidence based guidelines to provide the best possible care to the patient.

  • Collection of data - Although several simple measures like head of the bed elevation and low tidal volume ventilation have been shown to reduce mortality over the years, they are still not followed routinely by physicians in clinical practice. Our team will ensure that these protocols are not only implemented but are followed and audited periodically.

  • We compile data for the hospital which will be useful for the management in resource utilization - such as ICU bed occupancy, number of ventilator days etc.

  • automated early warnings

  • Diagnostic assistance

  • Decision support

  • Patient counselling support

  • 24/7 high quality Intensivist support.


Critical Care Staffing

We aim to match licensed, professional and compassionate critical care staff with private clients at home and facilities in need of staffing solutions.
Our represented staff provides complete medical care and responds to your changing healthcare requirements ultimately improving the health of the individual and their family.

Training of medical and paramedical staff

We offer critical care online and on site , both modes of teaching in critical care sciences and also life saving skills.. Our instructors ensure the best training possible encompassing the various aspects of critical care and also critical life saving skills .
The life saving resuscitation courses are taught according to the standard American Heart Association( AHA)guidelines for resuscitation.
We also undertake trainings related to all the aspects of critical care including planning, day to day keep up, guidelines , policies, record keeping, counselling sessions to name a few.

ICU Protocols

Our dedicated team can help you in advising and implementation of the ever changing standard international protocols.

Chart & Stethoscope

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Improved Patient Outcomes

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By providing 24/7 high quality trained physicians with extensive experience across globe and research experience, our specialists reduce waiting times, easy access and prompt response, improving patient outcome, better family satisfaction with more frequent communication.

Improved Hospital Management Confidence

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Having a second layer of surveillance with 24/7 support and dedicated personnel gives the hospital management extra confidence and makes the outlook more positive in the managment of complicated cases

Cost Effectiveness

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CAV Tele ICU offers the most financially efficient, sustainable and viable way of running their ICU’s smoothly and without any scarcity of manpower resources.CAV Tele ICU makes quality ICU care available in even the remotes part of the globe.